My Lasting Wish


Create Wills and Virtual Messages To The Future

A secure environment for everyone.

One of My Lasting Wish’s primary goals is to provide a secure environment for everyone. It’s common for many families to lack a plan, we strive to prevent this from happening. Typically, this causes families to be in deep grief, and yet will leave them scrambling to plan their funeral arrangements. Everyone should be able to plan their final days in a safe place. Could you describe how you would wish things to be? Here, you can leave your family and friends with memorable messages.

As a member, you will be guided on how to discuss these topics with family members. It will be a pleasure for your family to read exactly what you wanted to say and to hear just what you wanted to say. The physical form may be gone, but it is still possible to leave lasting memories forever.

Ready To Get Started By Creating Will and Storing future messages to family?